dinsdag 17 december 2013

Adaptation storm surge barrier Hollandsche IJssel

Cover Msc thesis Adaptation of the Hollandsche IJssel storm surge barrierThe Hollandsche IJssel is a river which flows from Nieuwegein to Capelle were it ends at the New Meuse. After the flood disaster of 1953 the Government decided to build a storm surge barrier in the mouth of the Hollandsche IJssel closing of the tidal part of the Hollandsche IJssel during a storm surge. The objective of this study is the development and (conceptual) design of the preferred strategy for the important aspects (overall safety, salt intrusion and climate change) in the Hollandsche IJssel. The preferred strategy is cost-effective and exists of a technically and societally feasible design. Adaptation of the existing Hollandsche IJssel storm surge barrier and postponing of a dam or new storm surge barrier is preferred. Meer lezen? Klik op | details | volledige tekst | artikel in Delta 'Grote beurt voor de stormvloedkering'.

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