donderdag 3 april 2008

Policies on pesticide use by local and regional authorities

In this Conference the "CleanRegion" project partners exchanged information and experience on the different policies on pesticide use implemented in their regions. Together they want to minimize the use of herbicides for weed control in urban areas and thus reduce the risk of pesticides leaching to the ground water.
Table of contents: 1. Inventory of policies on pesticide use by local and regional authorities in the 7 project countries; 2. Dutch policy regarding pesticide use on hard surfaces; 3. Handling the risk of drinking water pollution by pesticides; 4. Weed control in the public area: combining environmental and economical targets; 5. Approach of legislation and stimulation by Water Board Vallei & Eem; 6. Regional policy on herbicide use on pavements by Water Board Zuiderzeeland, The Netherlands; 7. Acetic acid for weed control on hard surface areas; 8. How pesticides used on hard surfaces end up in drinking water; 9. Environmental risk from using glyphosate on hard surfaces.
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